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Shatter Your Leadership Limits – Better Results in Less Time with Less Stress.

The Challenge: IT managers today need to be as adept with “soft” leadership skills as they are with their “hard” technical skills. In part because it’s not enough to be right when we deal with our stake holders, we also need to be helpful. This requires that we be able to quickly and effectively engage them with our “soft” skills.

While most IT managers leverage structured tools and approaches to manage systems development (SDLC) and large projects (PLC), they lack such a tool and approach to being leaders and developing their leadership skills.
What if there was such a structured life cycle for the effective practice of IT leadership? Now there is….

No Winner Ever Got there Without a Coach

In  the book No Winner Ever Got There Without a Coach you will learn more about Bob's leadership coaching programs for example:

  • Discover what’s the biggest mistake that business leaders make today in addressing these problems?  (page 5)
  • What does Bob's coaching program do to help leaders with engaging people and their own focus? (page 10)
  • How leadership coaching with business people can cross over into their personal lives? (page 19)

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Six Simple Steps to Solve Any Problem

This short eBook guides you through a series of six very simple steps that provide significant leverage in solving any of your problems or challenges. It’s field-proven in use with hundreds of leaders over the past several years. The six simple steps are covered in just 15 pages, enabling you to get to the gist of the process and apply it quickly. Get the book and the details

Stop Wasting IT Dollars!

“In company after company, I see IT groups that are very good at technology innovation, and surprisingly unsuccessful at delivering compelling business value.”   Bob Kantor

I’ve worked with senior managers and IT leaders for over 20 years, and the single most common complaint I hear from them is their profound frustration with the lack of results and transparency from their never-ending IT investments.

Did you know that the very skills that make a typical IT person an innovative technician can get in their way of effectively engaging and partnering with colleagues.

And the problem is not isolated to the IT organization. Very often their business peers are just as challenged with how to effectively engage with the IT professionals. 

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