Consulting Services

We provide fast, cost-effective IT management consulting to improve the effectiveness of your IT services.

We build or enhance alignment of the IT infrastructure and management processes with the business’ operational needs and strategy.

We apply methods and tools for assessing the IT organization’s strengths – and the importance of those strengths – in executing the firm’s business strategy.

Results guide investment decisions to selectively reduce costs and redefine IT structure, processes and tools, which improve business impact, IT performance and ROI.

For mid-market clients, we operate as interim or part-time CIOs to support their Management Teams and IT groups with the right level of executive leadership, in very cost-effective dosages.

For Fortune 1000 clients, we provide selective IT functional tune-ups, project or program management, and IT leadership development coaching/mentoring for members of the IT leadership team.

As an agile firm of senior IT leaders, we show up quickly and hit the ground running. We often deliver results in the amount of time it takes the more well-known IT management consulting firms to first field their team.

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Client Feedback:

• “We had a need to overhaul our IT infrastructure and applications strategies which required an interim CIO that possessed a wide breadth of skill sets beyond our talent level. I hired Bob specifically to handle this project.

The project started as a initial situation assessment through deployment and installation of a new IT infrastructure platform. Weaved into the project was a disaster recovery strategy and modeling an IT infrastructure that was linked to the corporate strategy and objectives.

Bob attacked the project challenges through gathering an intimate understanding of our business needs and providing executive briefings along the agreed upon check points. He provided the leadership team with various options that encompassed technical solutions linked to our business needs and third party providers which minimized our business risks and enabled our multi site operations to become more effective. I would highly recommend him for professional services in this capacity.” David Brakenwagen, SVP Sales & Marketing, C&M Corporation


• “Bob has been my strategic advisor over the past 6 to 8 months. In that time, Bob has helped me in taking an unstructured IT department without many formal processes and quickly and effectively guided me to turn that around. He has a great depth of knowledge IT Governance processes and IT Strategy work. He has challenged me to think more strategically and has helped me to position the IT department of my company to be more effective and more strategically aligned with the business goals.

We now have an IT governance framework from which to plan and work from and an IT Strategy that is aligned to the business strategy. Without Bob’s coaching and expertise, I would still be struggling in this area.

I encourage anyone looking for an expert in IT leadership to seek Bob’s guidance to help run a more effective IT department. You will not be disappointed!” Renee Furr, Manager Information Systems, Latrobe Specialty Steel


• “Bob has partnered with me on one of our recent client projects. We were contracted by an investment group to conduct an IT effectiveness assessment for one of their business services firms.

In spite of the inherent tensions around such an engagement, Bob was able to readily engage the members of the firm’s management team and quickly become a trusted advisor. His approach helped us to rapidly identify high-value changes in business processes and technology platforms. At the same time, we were able to begin to build buy-in for the resultant changes on the spot.

Bob’s contribution was a significant factor in the very positive feedback that we later received from the firm and the investment group. I look forward to partnering with Bob again on a similar project, and have recommended his services for follow up work.” Christopher Mauro, Technical Director, InSys Consulting


Sample Engagements:

• Developed new governance and business stakeholder engagement processes, including management tools, methodologies, and business processes, for a $250M steel company.

• Created governance processes and IT strategy to implement a new integrated IT growth platform for a $65M electronic cable fabricator.

• Cut IT spend to 3.7% of revenue and tripled IT services at a $6B financial services firm.

• Implemented client account management, improving business engagement by 11% for that same firm.

• Reduced cycle times for product development and service delivery in a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies. One multinational drug company realized a $100M increase in annual revenue.

• Built new IT organization for start-up health care services company that supported 100% growth over two years.

• Boosted margins and production output of a multi-million dollar chemical plant by 10% with no capital investment.