Do you want better business results in less time and with less stress?

Are you an IT Manager or Business Leader who needs stronger soft skills to aggressively deliver hard results?

Are you a C-Level Executive or VP whose direct reports work well in their silos but not as an effective team?

Is your IT group successful at executing projects but falling short in delivering business value?

Are your projects late, over-budget, or not meeting expectations?

Do your Managers seem to communicate well but fail to move people to action?

Are you or your team struggling with work/life balance? Or with being energized and really enjoying each work day?

I help Executives and Managers with these challenges, by integrating proven practices in “hard” management processes and “soft” interpersonal skills.

I work at multiple levels of involvement, depending on the investment you want to make in performance improvements.

If you’ve read this far, I can help you improve your team’s effectiveness. I guarantee it. Contact me and we’ll get started. You’ll see demonstrable improvements quickly, to help manage your risk.

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ps: Not sure I can help with YOUR situation? I’ve helped hundreds of leaders at companies like Bloomberg, Ford, Disney, KPMG, Dignity Health, USMC, Members of the CIO Executive Council, and dozens of other Fortune 500s. I’ve helped leaders in IT, Sales, Engineering and Product Development. That’s why I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.

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