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We’ve helped senior leaders at over 60 companies, including these market leaders.

Big Issues, Big Results.

Most companies are wasting money on their IT investments, but not for the reasons they think they are.

They focus on managing technology rather than on managing business change, and fail to align their IT investments with their key business drivers.

“We know that 70 percent of business change programs fail to achieve their goals…” McKinsey & Company

Their IT leaders do not have the business skills to enable full engagement and collaboration across the organization.

“Ninety-one percent of the 1,271 CIOs surveyed by Deloitte in 2015 acknowledge lacking at least one of the key skills they identified as critical to their success as a tech leader.” WSJ 11/09/2015

Improving alignment of IT investments with business drivers is simple when the right business processes are used.

But few companies know how to do this.

Technology innovation without this alignment and engagement creates operational disruptions that kill productivity, even when good tech investments are being made.

“77% of respondents believe that speed in IT is important to their ability to enter new markets and launch new products quickly.”

BUT… “63% feel their organization responds too slowly to exploit opportunities.” Corporate Executive Board

SMB Client Case Study - SaaS and Consulting in the Utility Sector

“We have gone from a fledgling business with a handful of staff to the market leader in our space. We brought Kantor in to help us organize our business in a way that supports continued expansion as our client base rapidly increased.

With his guidance, we were able to reorganize our entire business to maximize customer service, to harden business processes across delivery and development organizations, and to put in place an easily scalable approach to corporate expansion.

The effectiveness of this approach was immediately recognizable as the usually chaotic environment began to settle. Key resources were freed up to lead their groups instead of reacting to the next fire drill and having to do “everything themselves”. Staffing the subsequent expansions became a simple exercise in replicating the team model Bob helped define.

The results are quantifiable. Margins are up, growth is steady and managed, and customer satisfaction has skyrocketed! We continue to depend on Bob for mentoring and have expanded his role to help us now tackle our sales and marketing organization challenges!”

Tim Maslak, Senior Vice President at Applied Energy Group, Inc.

Kantor has 30 years experience fixing these problems, including ten years with KPMG and serving executives at over 60 companies.

We help ensure short-term project success and long-term operational effectiveness.

We leave behind sustainable process and leadership performance improvements.

We deliver results quickly, keeping your costs and risks low and making the best possible use of your organization’s time.

We earn your trust and respect, based on our experience and performance.

Your Business and IT leaders actually enjoy working with us.

What Our Clients Say

Big Fans

  • …I consider Bob to among the most influential advisors in my career as a leader. Bob's ability to connect with people and tailor his insight is remarkable…
    Igor Bondarenko – Director, Applications
  • …We hired Bob as a management consultant to help with our IT Strategy and decision-making. He was able to quickly and concisely crystallize issues and challenges and offer terrific guidance both in terms of tools and advice…
    Mike Norton – SVP, Engineering and Quality
  • …The ability to disrupt comfortable practices for impactful improvement is the rare gift Kantor possesses as a business strategist and executive coach. He has taught me tools by which to increase productivity and reframe my best ideas…
    Aaron Amendolia – VP, IT
  • …Bob has an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions to get to the heart of the matter…
    Pete Krockta – AVP, Application Support and IT Operations
  • …Bob has provided invaluable advice and immediately applicable tactics. As the IT leader in the c-suite, sometimes I don't have true thought partners on the executive team that understand IT. My work with Bob allows me to validate challenges and brainstorm solutions with someone who has ‘been there & done that’...
    Kevin Steele – CTO
  • …Bob helped me take an unstructured IT department without many formal processes and quickly guided me to turn that around. He has a great depth of knowledge IT Governance processes and IT Strategy work. He has challenged me to think more strategically and has helped me to position the IT department of my midsized company to be more effective and more strategically aligned with the business…
    Renee Furr – Director, IT
  • …Bob provided immense value. Each session had a direct and positive impact on challenges I was facing in that moment. Each built upon the previous ones, having a cumulative effect that was beyond expectations…
    Dan Cernich – VP, IT Customer Applications
  • …Bob's great at adopting his communication styles to the needs of his client. He clearly has ‘seen it all’ and was able to understand and relate to diverse situations, as well as help me think about them in different ways…
    Ed Markovich – Manager, Development
  • …We had a need to overhaul our IT infrastructure and applications strategies, which required an interim CIO with skill sets beyond our internal talent. Bob gathered an intimate understanding of our business needs and provided the leadership team with options linked to those needs and that minimized our business risks…
    David Brackenwagen – SVP, Sales and Marketing
  • …Bob challenged me to see different perspectives and work through potential scenarios. All the while he was focusing on developing my leadership skills and maximizing my potential as a successful professional…
    Claudine Schoenherr – Senior Manager, IT Strategy
  • …Bob has a unique understanding of business and technology relationships and has the ability to push leaders to define their strategic intent. After working with Bob, you will have clear strategic objectives and a path to success…
    Jon Solden

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